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Still nuts for mandarins

Twenty-five years ago, the Newcastle Area Business Association started the Mandarin Festival in downtown Newcastle. The goal was to promote mandarin growing in Placer County. At th ...

Get to know arts in Placer County

The creative industries in Placer County include nonprofit museums, symphonies, and theaters as well as for-profit film, architecture and design companies. Americans for the Arts, ...

Elections, acting, students, typewriters, Symphony

I served as a roving inspector at four Rocklin elections precincts on Tuesday. It’s an honor to be a part of this process. I’m so proud of those of us who work to make ...

5 things to consider before today’s veterans parade

Before you leave for the Veterans Day parade, there are five things I think vets would like you to know. Of course, I can’t speak for all vets, so I consulted the 2011 Pew Re ...

Thanksgiving dinner fixings in food giveaway

Along with the bags of food, Thanksgiving dinner fixings will be included with the next United Way Food Access Saturday. The food program was originally created to help working i ...

Concerns fester surrounding Centennial Dam

It has been four years since Nevada Irrigation District Board (NID) passed closed-session Resolution 2014-43, authorizing a water rights application for a “water storage proj ...