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‘Only you can prevent forest fires,’ a message to politicians

Before the flames were extinguished on last year’s devastating wildfires, Jerry Brown was in front of the cameras, exploiting the tragedies to blame human-caused climate chan ...

California wildfires — the solution is up to us

Nearly 50,000 residents of the area around Paradise are rebuilding their lives following the deadliest and most costly fire in California’s history. Eighty-six people died an ...

Not liking movies with kids, animals; visiting Yosemite during gov shutdown

Time Traveler: I never watch a movie or read a book that has little kids or animals as the subjects of the story as it never ends well. The dog gets stolen away from its owner and ...

Signal Peak

Driving Interstate 80 east you may look out at the many peaks and wonder what it looks like from the top. I can tell you the view is awesome from the top of Signal Peak, one of the ...

What we’re reading and loving lately

Ta da! My first book column of 2019! Cynthia Maier recommends “The Historian,” by Elizabeth Kostova. “The story starts out in 1972 Amsterdam with a father and da ...

Calling all trivia buffs

Head’s up, trivia addicts: The Auburn Branch of AAUW announces its eighth annual Trivia Bee March 30. Twenty teams of three will compete to see who knows the most about ...