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Saving your garden’s cucumber seeds

My friend asks, “Can I use my cucumber seed for next year? These ‘cucs’ tasted better than any I have grown before. I’ll just dry them out and save them in ...

Kershner announces Auburn City Council candidacy

Downtown Auburn business owner and philanthropist Christopher Kershner has announced his candidacy for Auburn City Council with an official campaign video and charity fundraiser co ...


Miracle team

They did it! Florida State League Champions! They get the rings! So proud of you Ryan Mason and the entire “Miracle Team.” Such a talented talented team — the T ...

Thoughtful columns

I was so pleased to find two thoughtful and interesting columns in my morning paper today (Journal Sept. 9). With the current state of discourse all around me, it was a real gift ...

Elated over Auburn signs

I am elated after observing recent signs posted throughout Auburn. Hooray! There are citizens interested in running for a position on the Auburn City Council. I believe the people ...