Lincoln looks solid in Woodcreek scrimmage

Coach ‘em up, Coach
By: Jim Linsdau, Sports Editor
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Although fall is the third season of the year, with school just starting it feels more like what New Year’s should feel like.

Leading the way is the coming football season. It has a regular season of only 10 games, but that just makes each event all the more important.

Games once a week allow time for plenty of anticipation, but that belies the time that goes into preparation.

“We’ve got our work cut out for us, but we have got kids that have been grinding for six, seven months and they’re not going to back down from anybody,” said Lincoln High head coach Chris Bean. “It’s great to be a Lincoln Zebra. Come out and support us on Friday nights.”

In Gold Country Media’s annual football preview, Bean expressed some concerns about his offensive line. But after scrimmaging Division I Woodcreek High Friday, Bean’s concerns faded a bit.

“I would say the offensive line stepped up. Out of any of the groups, I would say they stepped up the most,” said Bean, complimenting his line coach, Grant Fowler. “We have no doubt (the linemen) are going to get coached up the right way and hard.”

Zebras’ fans are familiar with the skills of returning quarterback Tommy Turner, but with All-Metro receiver James Sweet gone, who will he throw to?

Enter wide receivers Jacob Lemus and Harry Rounds.

“Jacob Lemus, having him come back has been a huge difference maker,” Bean said. “(He) and Harry on the outside are going to be trouble.”

Bean was also pleased with the running of backs Devin Coffer and Seth Samson Friday night.

As for the defense, Bean could only indicate that his offense could benefit if he had some of the athletic talent that is on that side of the ball. But Bean’s philosophy is to maintain a two-platoon system, allowing one group to rest while the other is on the field; not a bad approach considering the first three games are in August.

Bean said he borrowed Ohio State’s BCD approach to the game – no blaming, no complaining and no defending.

“We are all finally buying into that – coach ‘em up, Coach. ‘Well, if I had … . Nope, coach ‘em up that’s our job,’” said Bean. “It’s a philosophy and it’s a belief, and we’re there. We believe in it; we really do.”

Lincoln opens the season at home Friday against Sierra Foothill League power Oak Ridge. The Zebras are stepping up to a whole new level and a brand new league – it is a great time to be a Zebra.