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Ben's Barketplace specializes in canine, feline nutrition

Grand opening Saturday for Lincoln store
By: Steve Archer, Reporter
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Know and Go:

What: Grand opening of Ben’s Barketplace

When: 10 a.m. Saturday

Where: 800 Sterling Parkway, Suite 30


Brad Romero, a retired California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer, has a passion for helping dogs, cats and their owners learn about proper nutritional health.

Romero’s business, Ben’s Barketplace, allows him to indulge his passion while running a successful business. Romero has a store in Roseville, located at 701 Pleasant Grove Blvd., suite 120, and has opened a second store in Lincoln. He is now selling franchises of the pet food store.

The Lincoln store has a grand opening at 10 a.m. Saturday. Romero had originally opened a Ben’s Barketplace in Lincoln in 2005. The store was not successful and he relocated to Roseville.

Romero became interested in pet food and nutrition while working as a K-9 officer with the CHP. The stores are named after his first canine partner, Ben, a Labrador. The two had a successful career together in South Sacramento; Ben was named state champion for narcotics seizures in 1999 and was responsible for finding $28 million in drugs and $750,000 in cash during his time with the CHP.

“When he came to us he was eating one of the worst foods out there,” Romero said. “We bumped him up right away to what we knew was a better food.”

Romero, and his wife Sally, offer free consultations on pet food and explanations of ingredient panels at the store.

“The Roseville location has flourished,” Romero said. “The Roseville store sells 500 pounds of raw food per day, more than any other store in the state. Raw food is the fastest growing segment of the pet food industry. In my opinion it is life-extension for your pet; nutrition is everything.”

“The Roseville store has 29 freezers and an 8-foot by 10-foot walk-in,” Romero added. “We have eight freezers at the Lincoln store.”

The mission statement for Romero’s business is: “The single largest contribution you can make to your pet’s health and longevity is the quality of food you provide for them.”

“People don’t necessarily understand species-correct food or nutrition panels,” Romero said. “We know what cats and dogs need. We speak for the pets.”

“It’s critical they have bones and organ meat; that’s what they require,” Romero added. “Pets have half the digestion time  with raw food, dramatically less water intake and half the poop.”

Sally Romero said it is important to remember that “all dogs are a 99.3 percent match with wolves.”

“Raw food is not for everybody or every lifestyle. It’s a little more expensive,” Sally Romero said. “We try to educate people, give them food for thought, so to speak.”

Romero said he is committed to providing quality products for his customers’ pets.

“We don’t let anything in the store we don’t believe in,” Romero said. “This is our passion, not our income.”