Lincoln resident expands wine bar, tapas restaurant

Owner moves Citizen Vine to larger space and also opens Citizen Grind
By: Steve Archer, Reporter
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Lincoln resident Paul Jansen has successfully operated Citizen Vine, his wine bar and tapas restaurant at 825 Twelve Bridges Drive.

Now Jansen is expanding Citizen Vine and opening a new coffee shop, Citizen Grind, in the same shopping center. Jansen recently bought the India Oven restaurant in the Lincoln Village at Twelve Bridges shopping center. He is moving Citizen Vine into the former Indian restaurant’s location, which includes a patio, and opening a craft coffee shop in the old location.

Jansen said the move has been in the works for months.

“I’ve been working on negotiations to purchase Indian Oven; they agreed to sell and the terms finally came through that I wanted,” Jansen said Tuesday. “I intended to leave this place. My lease is up soon but it is super-cool and I knew as soon as I left, someone would put a coffee shop in here. Lincoln needs one.”

“I found one of the best baristas in the world to work for us,” Jansen added. “And we are going to take the same culture of Citizen Vine and apply it to coffee.”

Jansen held a soft-opening for Citizen Grind Tuesday and a soft-opening for the new-look Citizen Vine Wednesday.

“We needed more space,” Jansen said of the move. “We were turning away 20 to 30 people a day, even on a Tuesday. Plus, I love the patio at the new location.”

Jansen described Citizen Grind as a “third-wave coffee shop,” with establishments such as Starbucks and Dutch Bros. being second-wave coffee shops.

“It’s craft-coffee that’s personalized,” Jansen said. “We get our coffee beans from Mast Coffee in Roseville.”

Citizen Grind will also offer a limited breakfast and lunch menu as well for customers on the go.

“Another cool thing is we are building an app to allow people to make orders on their phones,” Jansen said. “We have dedicated parking spaces for order pickup and we can bring your coffee and breakfast to your car.”

“Lincoln is really ready for this,” Jansen added. “Add craft coffee to your list.”

David and Cindy Lou Stanley, at Citizen Grind on Wednesday morning, said they enjoyed their breakfast.

“I think it’s fabulous and I’m not really a coffee person,” Cindy Lou Stanley said. “I had a bagel sandwich with salmon and David had sous vide egg jars. They were wonderful bites and very light. My coffee drink had a swan design on top.”

Sam Balean, the Citizen Grind barista, is currently ranked 16th in the world based on his performance at last year’s World Barista Championship. He travels to Los Angeles next week to compete in his second Barista World Championship.

“I’ve been doing it for about three years and I’m OK,” Balean said. “There’s no third-wave coffee shop in Lincoln yet and I want to be a part of bringing that scene to Lincoln. Third-wave coffee is a movement; it is making sure the coffee is of good quality from start to serve and making sure everyone is paid well, from the farmer to roaster to barista.”

“Next week, at the Barista World Championship, there will be people from around the world competing in latte art, espresso and cold brew. I ranked higher last year in latte art and lower in alternative milk,” Balean added. “I’m competing against people who have been doing it for decades.”