Life in the Bike Lane

Cycling through Placer County

By: Tom Frady
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One of my favorite roads to cycle is Millertown, 2.3 miles connecting Wise and Mt. Vernon Roads, just west of Auburn. It roughly follows the North Canal (it doesn’t look like a canal), which empties into Auburn Creek, which ultimately empties into Lincoln Hills’ Ingram Slough.

Some of Millertown Road is so narrow that it looks more like a bike path.  Heading north, it is all up hill, with some challenging spots, especially just as riders turn off Wise Road and again at the end where it joins with Mt. Vernon Road.  

And there is an 18 percent bump in the middle.  If you continue into Auburn, there’s still another steep half mile climb to the city limits.  It’s more fun going downhill.

Tom Frady is a Lincoln resident and avid cyclist and driver.