Dog owners need to be more considerate in Lincoln Hills

By: Mike Nusink
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Pat Miller's Lincoln News Messenger column on May 24 (page A4, “Beware of homeowners’ associations) addressed numerous issues with the Lincoln Hills Community Association. I applaud her for starting the conversation, which hopefully will be productive.  

Lincoln Hills Community Association: damned if you do, damned if you don't.  We have some dynamics going on in our community that keep nirvana beyond our grasp.  I'm placing this on your doorstep because I feel you have contributed to the problem.  

Dog owners, may we please have our neighborhood back?  

It's no secret around here that the dog owners have completely taken over Stone House Park. We don’t like to go there anymore because we worry that we’ll step in dog poop. With the association turning a blind eye, people came up with their own interpretation of leash laws and dog poop clean-up. So be it, I have no reason to go there.  

For a variety of reasons, more and more of our residents are virtual shut-ins and can't watch over their properties. Emboldened since commandeering the park, it has been easy for the dog owners to run roughshod over these vulnerable people.  Our homes have become one great big extension of their off-leash dog park. The Lincoln Hills Community Association gave the dog owners an inch and now they are taking their mile.  

Recently and along the 72 feet of my frontage, there have been several incidents of dog poop with no clean up, dogs walking people and trespassing, all compliments of Lincoln Hills residents.

I would like to encourage our dog owners to be happy with what you've got. You have your very own off-leash dog park and miles of common area along Del Webb and Sun City boulevards with absolutely no accountability. 

Just give us back our homes; that’s all I ask.  

Mike Nusink, Lincoln