Additional reward money for Tour de Lincoln incident offered

By: John Shutz
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I would like to pledge an additional $200 to the $500 reward money put up by Mr. Paul Harling in regards to the intentional laying of oil in the roadway he described in your Reader Input section on May 17 (page 4, “Perpetrator(s) harms bike rider during Tour de Lincoln”).

Actually, I find this act not just malicious but intentional, which directly caused the aggravated injuries to his wife while bicycling in the Tour de Lincoln event. In fact, this act could have easily led to a more serious injury or worst and I, therefore, feel the responsible person or persons should be prosecuted for felony assault. 

I'm going to assume the oil placed in the roadway was intentional and not from a car or truck leaking oil. There are physical signs to make this determination and combine that with the tacks left at another location might be a connection involving the same people. 

Please extend my thoughts to Mr. Harling's wife for a speedy recovery.

Let's hope others might consider contributing to this reward fund. This could provide the incentive for someone to do the right thing and come forward. 


John Shutz, Lincoln