Principal Jay Berns would benefit any district

By: Dan Leonard
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Re: “We will miss the Zebra in chief” (Another View, May 3, page 4) is very eloquent and well-thought-out.

Principal Jay Berns is a natural when it comes to working with teachers and students and parents. Any district will greatly benefit from his enthusiasm for students and teachers and getting the most out of them.

That’s why after so many years of raising up Lincoln High School to losing your contract overnight is most disconcerting. Teachers know that students come first and on-site administrators know that students and teachers come first; that message must be filtering up to the district level.

Lincoln High School and the district lose a great champion for the Zebras and the community.
Someone should ask why. As a standard answer “based on program need” is code-speak for “we can’t and never will answer your question because we can’t justify our action, thereby seeing our motives.”

Dan Leonard, Gold River