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Celebrate Mother’s Day Sunday and every day of the year

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To donate

To donate to Gavin Cruice’s goal of raising funds for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, email Gavin’s mother, teacher Jamie Cruice, at

There’s nothing better or more comforting than a mother’s love.

Whatever age we are, from newborns to middle-aged adults with their own children, everyone feels better having their mother nearby or just a phone call away.

Being a mother is a permanent full-time job, whether their children are 6 months old or 50 years old. We never stop wanting our mothers there.

And mothers still place their offspring first, fervently rooting for us to be successful at school, work and in our personal lives. We remain their Number One priority.

A mother’s love and hopes for us never stops as she tries to make our days easier through kind wishes and thoughtful gestures.

Our mothers also make us to a large extent who we become growing up. Hopefully, we have taken the daily lessons they’ve taught us and applied these lessons to become better individuals.

One Lincoln boy doing just that is Gavin Cruice, a Lincoln Crossings Elementary School fifth-grader.

Only 11 years old, Gavin is already making the world a healthier and better place on his own initiative (see front page story on this terrific preteen).

And Gavin learned to be positively proactive, thanks greatly to his mother, Jamie Cruice.

Gavin, after losing his beloved aunt to breast cancer, wanted to spare others from going through what she went through. So on his own, Gavin decided to raise $500 to donate to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Besides giving his allowance money, Gavin, with help from his mother, who teaches at his school, and another teacher, started a recycling program at the school. As of today, Gavin has raised $350.

With his mature determination, Gavin will reach his $500 goal before school ends. Gavin believes so strongly in the cause that he will contribute to donate to the hospital to help spare friends and strangers from the deadly disease.

Jamie Cruice deserves a lot of credit for raising such a fine son, who is already making a huge difference in the world.

“His dad and I have always wanted him to be well-rounded and put others first, think of how we can help others,” said his mother. “As a teacher, I see how important it is for a child not only to be good student but also to be a good citizen.”

Jamie has talked to him about helping others, “ever since he could understand what we were telling him, as a toddler.”

When the Lincoln News Messenger talked to Gavin’s mother this week, she was modest about her efforts. However, we should all be proud of Gavin and also Jamie Cruice.

Sometimes, we’re apt to take our mothers’ love for granted. This Sunday is Mother’s Day, where throughout the United States, we give thanks through cards, gifts and going out to eat.

But don’t just celebrate once a year on Mother’s Day; celebrate these special women every day of the year.

Happy Mother’s Day!