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What could this item be?

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Readers continue to outsmart Out of the Museum as several residents immediately had the answers to last week’s mystery item.

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Last week’s mystery item

Carol Silva: “(It’s) a wonderful wooden butter churn. As a child, I churned butter in my grandparents’ churn that looked so much like this one.”

Steve Smith said: “It looks like a hand-operated butter churn to me.”

Susan Worthington: “Thinking back to my grandmother’s time, she was born in 1899, this could be a butter churn or if the inside is lined for ice, it could be an ice cream maker. Yum on a hot summer with fresh picked peaches. Oh those wonderful, slower, good ole days!”

Victoria Fritz said, “This week’s item is a butter churn.”

Last week’s mystery item is indeed a round, wooden butter churn. It has a metal crank on the outside and a wooden paddle inside. This device was used to churn cream into butter back in approximately 1910.

The butter churn was loaned to the museum by Gary Brockman, a Native Son of the Golden West member, who has loaned the museum many items.

The Lincoln Area Archives Museum is open Tuesdays through Saturdays in downtown Lincoln. Check out this week's mystery item there.