What the Fudge? opens Friday

Lincoln resident sets up shop on Joiner Parkway
By: Steve Archer, Reporter
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Know and Go:

What the Fudge? is at 155 Joiner Parkway, No. 800, Lincoln. Store hours are from noon to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.


Lincoln’s Fookie Man, aka Greg Dobson, is bringing his wares to town.

Dobson, a Lincoln resident, created the Fookie, a cross between a cookie and a piece of fudge. He opens his new store Friday, What the Fudge?, at 155 Joiner Parkway, No. 800. Dobson, who is also a real estate broker, is the former proprietor of the Rocklin restaurant Dobson’s Sweet Treats and BBQ Meat. His wife is a Certified Public Accountant.

“The origination of the Fookie has two stories, the fun one and the real one,” Dobson said Tuesday. “The fun story is that my wife, Lisa, was in the restaurant kitchen making fudge during tax season and threw a piece of fudge at me that I blocked with a cookie.”

The real story is that the couple likes making confections more than their day jobs. While running the restaurant, the Dobsons’ desserts became popular.

“At the restaurant, the fudge was a main dessert staple people started looking for,” Dobson said. “Now we are fudge manufacturers with a cookie problem.”

Dobson will now sell Fookies, as well as other desserts, out of a store that formerly housed a panaderia. In addition to the fudge-cookie confection, Dobson also makes carrot cake, coffee cake and a Rocky Road-inspired candy called Rocklin Thunder Road.

“We created (Rocklin Thunder Road) as a fundraiser for a Rocklin girls’ softball team,” Dobson said. “Everything I make, I make whole. I’m a whole food person; I don’t like chemicals.

“I’m currently working on diabetic desserts,” Dobson added. “I’ve got other dietary concerns covered including gluten-free. However, those are special order only because I need to clean all of the equipment first.”

Dobson said the “crazy Fookie run started three years ago.”

“I’ve gone to lots of chocolate events, fundraisers, county fairs and candy stores at high-traffic tourist areas,” Dobson said. “I’ve made appearances on local morning shows, ABC’s ‘The Chew” and had an eight-minute segment on QVC on March 12.”

Dobson’s creations can also be found online at and he was one of the most popular stands at the Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce’s 2017 Showcase. He is also available for catering.

“Everywhere we go, at every event, we have the longest lines,” Dobson said. “Everyone at the Showcase said we had the best product. The downside to the chamber event and my opening is time.”

“After the chamber event, I started thinking of lots of projects to make Lincoln first,” Dobson added. “I love Lincoln and I’m pushing for Lincoln. All of the businesses in Lincoln need people to stop getting on the freeway; stay here and eat and shop here. “

Dobson “is ready” for Lincoln events.

“I will be at the wine festival and will be donating a ton of product for that event. You won’t be able to miss me,” Dobson said. “In the future, I plan to hold chocolate classes, wine classes and chocolate and wine classes, where you can drink wine and play with chocolate.”

Dobson has retail locations at Northstar and at Woodstock, Georgia and expects to open outlets soon in San Francisco, Las Vegas and Reno, Nev.