Life in the Bike Lane column

Cycling through Placer County
By: Tom Frady
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Placer County has good cycling weather all year.

If you’re not afraid to ride in weather below 40 degrees, the only days you might miss on the road are when it rains. 

These photos are all from one ride, Dec. 15, which started in the low 50s at 8 a.m. and ended with the temperature climbing to the mid-50s. 

Somehow, 50 degrees and sunny always seems much warmer than 50 degrees and overcast.

Starting from Lincoln, the route went up Wise Road to Bald Hill, Atwood to Bell Road in Auburn and a pastry. 

We returned via some back roads to Millertown, to Ophir, down Ridge and home via newly-paved Fruitvale. 

There was considerable climbing involved. 

On alternate weeks, this column features photographs from Placer County (and maybe some neighbors) taken while riding my bike. My hope is that the reader will be inspired to get on a bike and ride. This is a beautiful area and a wonderful place to bicycle. Tom Frady is a Lincoln resident and avid cyclist and driver.