Push McClintock to support those with cancer

By: Brian Lee
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As Congress returns from its summer recess, we must do what we can to minimize the harm that cancer wrecks on our families, communities and state.

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network recently released its annual “How Do We Measure Up” Report” that concluded California, although better than most, still has a long way to go and can do better.

Without proper pain support, cancer patients may live in agony, and unfortunately, due to lackluster legislation, some will really suffer.

Without an emphasis of palliative care, patients’ overall well-being is left behind. 

Unfortunately, some patient care does not focus on quality of life during and after care and some patients do not know how to request or access palliative care.

With these ideas in mind, we must push for our local representatives, such as Representative McClintock, to support the Palliative Care and Hospice Education Training Act which will greatly improve the quality of life for cancer patients from the very moment a person hears “you have cancer.”

Brian Lee, Rocklin