Life in the Bike Lane column

Cycling through Placer County
By: Tom Frady
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Every other week, when I do these photo essays, I try to find a theme, such as “hills to climb” or “animals we have seen.”

This week, the theme is “pictures I have taken in the last two weeks.” Even this late in the summer, when the temperatures are routinely in the 100s late in the afternoon, there is much beauty to appreciate on the roads of Placer County. 

Grab your bike and see for yourself but be sure to leave early before it gets too hot.

Tom Frady is an avid cyclist and driver. On alternate weeks, this column features photographs from Placer County (and maybe some neighbors) taken while riding my bike. My hope is that the reader will be inspired to get on a bike and ride. This is a beautiful area and a wonderful place to bicycle.