Youth sports coverage

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Why is the LINCOLN News Messenger NOT covering sports in Lincoln. In the October 28 edition of the LINCOLN News Messenger there was a one column article on high school football, an small article about karate in Lincoln and an almost half page article about a Whitney Jr. Wildcat player who just happens to be related to Joe DiMaggio. There was no mention of other school sports and no mention of how the Lincoln Jr. Zebras did in the first round of play-offs. I was really expecting more from our "hometown" paper most especially since they did an article on the fact that this is the first time that the Jr. Zebras had three teams in the play-offs. All three teams won and will be playing in the semi-finals in Lincoln on October 30. As a community newspaper, you should focus on your community and most especially the sports that our youth participate in. Support our youth. Wanda Hedrick, Lincoln