With your eyes wide open

Bicycle column
By: By Vic Freeman Special to The News Messenger
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One of the best parts about riding a bike around town or up in the foothills is that feeling of really seeing your surroundings in what I call “real time.”

You can really observe your surroundings going 10 to 15 MPH so much better than traveling 40 to 50 MPH in a car.

Riding your bike, you can see in detail everything around you from the yards and landscaping to animals and kids running around.

I also enjoy seeing the elevations of home and commercial buildings as I pedal along.

Riding the bike is like strolling along, taking in all the sights and activities in your path.

Occasionally, I stop and take a second look at something that is of special interest to me, such as a vintage car or a building under construction or a shapely blonde (just kidding). It is pleasant, though, to run into a friend or neighbor along the way and just wave or say hello or stop and chat.

As you can see, I am what I call a “social” rider rather than a “hardcore” distance sprinter. I enjoy the outdoors and get my exercise while seeing the sights around me.

For getting lots of fresh air and aerobic exercise, it is hard to beat a good bike ride. 

And remember, you are sharing the road with cars, Stay safe and enjoy your ride!


Vic Freeman is a Lincoln resident and avid bicyclist.