Wrong photo used of senator’s Lincoln visit

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Barbara Boxer’s campaign rally in Sun City Lincoln Hills last Wednesday drew over 400 supporters. Also in attendance were about 75 Tea Party demonstrators who blocked the building entrances and behaved in bullish and ugly manner. It was disturbing to hear our Sun City “friends” and neighbors shouting abusive comments and calling us “Communists” – civility, respect and class are obviously not a pre-requisite to be part of that group. It is also upsetting that, although the article (Oct. 14 News Messenger, page A13, “Cheers, jeers for Boxer at Lincoln visit. Democratic senator speaks at Sun City, draws Tea Party crowd,”) gave equal time to both parties, The Lincoln News Messenger sensationalized the event by publishing a photo of the bullies rather than that of the visiting senator of the United States or her supporters who were clearly in the majority at the event. This was a very disappointing lapse in judgment by a newspaper to which I subscribe. Bullying is not an acceptable or admirable behavior and should not be condoned or publicized by the media. Margi Grant, Lincoln