Wondering what to do with a watermelon?

By: Stephanie Breitbart Gold Country News Service
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Ever buy a watermelon at the grocery store and then wonder what the heck to do next? Amanda Lutton, chef and owner of California Catering in Auburn, offers the following tips for managing a ’melon. 1. Pick a full-size, seedless watermelon. Make sure it sounds hollow when you pat it. Wash it. 2. Place watermelon on cutting board. Using a chef knife, cut both ends off to make a stable base. 3. Cut around curve to remove the rind and all white part, vertical stripes work best. 4. Cut in half lengthwise. 5. Place base side down for stability. 6. Cut half piece in half again lengthwise, for large triangle cuts, or cut again lengthwise for small triangle cuts. 7. Cut slices in quarter watermelon, makes large triangles and serve. 8. For cubes or square cuts, make slabs. Cut the sticks from slabs, which can then be cut into cubes.