Woman thanks Good Samaritan at Safeway

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One sunny Saturday morning, I went to Lincoln Safeway and did my normal weekend routine of stocking up on groceries. After putting them away in my car, I put the cart back and absentmindedly left my purse in the cart. Of course, I did not realize what I had done until I got home.
Panicking, I raced back to Safeway to find the purse was gone. At this point, I began to hope, wish and pray that an honest, kind person turned it in. But my heart sank as I asked myself, “What are the odds of that?” I tried to reassure myself there was nothing in there that could not be replaced, though not without hours on the phone with various banks and a dreaded trip to DMV.
Then I began to worry, what if the thief is already using my credit cards?
And what about my phone? My phone with a year’s worth of pictures that I have not yet saved to my computer. The most recent ones were our family trip to Disneyland. Oh, how I have screwed up!
Holding back tears, I grabbed the first cashier I could find as I walked into Safeway. He took me over to customer service and asked the young girl behind the counter if anyone had turned in a purse. She asked me what color. As I told her the color, my heart jumped with hope. She would not ask the color if there had not been a purse turned in, right? She said yes a woman had brought it in.
My hands were trembling when she handed me the purse completely in tact. All credit cards, cash and the phone were there. I could do no more than spit out a quick thank you as disbelief, gratitude and sheer embarrassment hit me all at once and I practically ran out of the store.
I was so relieved and grateful that I almost cried. Could there really be such a good-hearted person out there? Especially during the holidays when burglaries and theft are on the rise.
At this point, I realized that thanking the Safeway clerk was not sufficient. I really needed to thank this wonderful person.
Hopefully, she reads The Lincoln News Messenger and gets this message. I send my most sincere thank you! I am truly grateful there are honest people like you in the world and they live in my community.
Shannon Burns, Lincoln