Winning candidate reflects on race

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I reflect back just five short months ago when I decided to run for City Council, and from that perspective, find it hard to believe the opportunity that you have placed in my hands. I am humbled by the support and hope entrusted to me by the citizens of Lincoln. One of my favorite quotes is from Sir Isaac Newton: “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” In these last five months, I have stood upon the shoulders of many giants, which have lifted me to higher elevations to see further horizons. The biggest giants in my life, and to whom I thank first, all stand well under four feet tall, my daughters. They walked the precincts almost daily in the summer heat for about eight weeks. To their mother, my wife, who did the same and whom all serve as my greatest source of inspiration and strength to live a life of principle. My parents, who instilled in me a reverence and admiration for our founding fathers, this great and beautiful nation, our rich history, its soldiers and citizens. I believe this nation is His nation and acknowledge the lift from His Divine Hand. Last but not least the citizens of this community. The greatest pleasure was meeting the quantity and quality of individuals. I am humbled most by the caliber of professionals, parents, grandparents and retirees we have in our community. You are giants. You are an asset in the community. Follow me to City Hall. My sleeves are already rolled up …. Gabriel Hydrick, Lincoln