Will Morebeck brings a lot of experience and education to the campaign

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William Morebeck is unquestionably the best choice for District IV representative to the Nevada Irrigation District Board of Directors. He currently serves on the Placer County Agriculture Commission and has demonstrated an ability to work collaboratively with all people, organizations and agencies within the county. William supports agriculture and water users and recognizes the multi-uses of water including city and farm customers as well as fishes and other aquatic life forms. He has worked with Placer County planners to determine feasibility of water delivery systems for Western Placer County. He is working to return salmon and steelhead to the Auburn Ravine. William is extremely personable and approachable; he is very much concerned with doing the best for the greatest number of people in the Lincoln community. Because of his long involvement in Placer County organizations such as Placer Grown, Placer Legacy, Placer Wineries and his status as a rancher who grows organic mandarins and Meyer lemons, and because of his intelligence and education and professional experiences with water and farmers in Placer County, Will Morebeck ought to be elected to the NID Board. He is far and away the best choice. Vote William Morebeck for NID Board of Directors. Valerie A. Sanchez, Auburn