Will Mercy Ministries change therapy?

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How will we know for sure if Mercy Ministries is who they say they are? How will we know for sure if they are a cult? If Mercy Ministries responds to these and future allegations (there are more coming in the future, I firmly believe, and ones potentially even more damaging and heartbreaking) by making wholesale, transparent changes to their methods of treatment and therapy (not just minor tweaks but significant changes), then that is the sign of a healthy organization capable of making changes to better treat their patients. If, on the other hand, they continue with the status quo, we will know that Mercy is a cult and a destructive one at that. A cult, by its very nature, does not change its methods in a meaningful way, no matter how damaging the allegations, how strong the evidence their wrongdoing is, no matter how much changing would benefit themselves and everyone else. A cult is incapable of meaningful change. A cult will keep repeating the same lies, maintaining the status quo and this was Mercy’s undoing in Australia. The status quo is unacceptable, due to their use of poor therapy methods and mind control. This is how Mercy reacted in Australia, and if Mercy continues to react the same way, the U.S. homes will ultimately meet the same fate and rightly so. Russ Judson, Minneapolis