Will D.A. look at city’s accounting?

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After reading Stephanie Dumm’s revealing articles regarding the city’s General Fund’s overstated deficit (Dec. 16’s front page, “General Fund’s deficit inflated”) and the article (Dec. 16’s front page, “Just how much cash is in Lincoln’s reserves?”) revealing that neither the city manager or the assistant city manager know how much is in the city’s reserves, I have only one question: Why aren’t these people in jail? Not only them but the rest of the City Council that were by their own admission aware of this? This reveals the blatant fraud that the city of Lincoln tried to perpetuate upon its taxpaying citizens by over inflating a deficit in the General Fund through obvious accounting tricks in an attempt to secure approval of a tax increase. This is an outright criminal act. When will the district attorney step in and file charges and when will these two be fired? Steve Pounds, Lincoln