Wildlife hunting is cruel

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If wildlife is mounted on a wall, whether it’s called a trophy or not, it’s not in the wild where it belongs. Wildlife is killed so that someone can have a sick thrill while the rest of us are denied viewing experiences. The use of modern technology—scopes, lasers, scents, cameras to determine migratory routes and feeding plots, to mention just a few—cannot be called hunting or “fair chase.” Regulations may stipulate that animals be killed humanely but bow hunters wound more than 50 percent and lose blood trails resulting in slow, painful deaths. Dogs used in many hunts extend the cruelty. The county’s ag commissioner adds spin by claiming some deer would die of starvation if it weren’t for hunters but no deer deaths from starvation have been validated — they migrate to food before starving. Deer are killed, wounded, and maimed before they starve. Hunting is a barbaric hobby that has to recruit, brainwash and desensitize youth as early as possible. If 99 percent of the state’s population, which does not hunt, ever learn of the cruelty and morbidity of killing innocent wildlife, they would want it banned immediately. Randall Cleveland, Newcastle