Why won’t city officials answer a direct question with a direct answer?

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The following is Question & Answer Number 10, from the posting (Measure K section at by the city of Lincoln’s public information officer. “Why does the City refuse to cut the assistant city manager’s position?” When asked the direct question about cutting the position of our assistant city manager, what did they say? According to the city’s FAQ regarding Measure K, “The position is also the CFO – Chief Financial Officer for Lincoln, which is a position we’ve always had in some capacity. The only change was the addition of the secondary TITLE, which assisted in the recruitment process. Plus, even if the position was eliminated, it would still not save one General Fund position.” This is what I call political speak, or in other words, more smoke and mirrors. Read their answer for yourself … they did not answer the question. Why are we paying our city manager in excess of $245,000 and our assistant city manager almost $150,000 while we are laying off firemen, police officers and reducing library hours? According to my research, at a salary of $215,000, Jim Estep, our city manager is the seventh highest paid city manager in the Sacramento area. It should be noted that his total compensation is $245,148.96 according to information released by the city of Lincoln public information officer. Vote yes on Measure K - not on your life. Maybe we should think about recalling the City Council. Maybe the time has come. It has been done before! Yes it has, right here in our city of 43,000. Ask yourself this, why does our City Council pay our city manager as much as the city manager of the city of Sacramento, which has a population of 407,000? That’s right, we pay our city manager within a few dollars of what the city of Sacramento pays theirs and they are 10 times our size! I don’t know about you but I find this whole situation disgusting! Jon Hodson, Lincoln