Why weren't veterans shown more respect?

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We were concerned and encouraged when we attended the Veterans Day ceremony at the Veterans Hall in Lincoln. As new residents of Lincoln, we were concerned about the indifferent attitude of the administration. We came from another small-town atmosphere, which honored this very special holiday. Of course, we may never see the celebrations here on the West Coast as we see in the heartland but at least our elected officials would be present and respect the holiday. There was no representation in the ceremony of recognition and we found out later they wouldn’t even grant a permit to close a block around the Veterans Hall for an hour and a half! Seems like a small token of appreciation. Many seem to have forgotten the significance of this holiday. Traffic noise interrupted much of the ceremony. Especially now, with all that is happening, we need to let our troops and veterans know how much we really appreciated their courage. It was heartening to see and speak with veterans of so many conflicts. We stood next to a Cub Scout pack and enjoyed watching their reaction to the ceremony. Of course, boys being boys, attention was limited by the traffic and various falling leaves etc.! Their representation, saluting the flag and all in understanding and respect of the situation was heartening. Thank you to all their leaders. In conclusion, I hope that the city officials take note. No matter what your philosophy, remember these people who left their homes and served for you. Stillman and Joan Gates, Lincoln