Why do students set dress code?

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In June 2009, I wrote a letter in response to a picture on the front page of The News Messenger. It was a picture of a girl wearing a low-cut strap blouse. The mother of the girl said it was important that the strap have a 2- inch-wide rule of thumb. I argued the strap wasn’t the problem; it was the low-to-plunging neckline that drew the eye of all the boys (and men). I had three phone calls telling me “thank you,” and everywhere I went for a week or so, people told me they felt the same way. The editor of this paper told me some time back that it was time for me to write another letter. I told her, “I have to have a cause.” Well, I got one when I opened my Lincoln News Messenger last Thursday. I counted 12 girls wearing shorts. As I said back in 2009, the dress code at Lincoln High in 1962 was dresses or skirts, both below the knee. It snowed in the spring of 1962, we girls got special permission to wear long pants, but only for three days. Yes, times change ... but modesty, morals, right and wrong have not. My question is “What are the parents thinking, letting their young daughters dress this way?” That is not just a simple uncaring question. I truly want to know why the parents who are supposed to care about the safety of their daughters would allow them to dress so provocatively. The nightly news is full of missing, molested, raped and murdered girls. Is there a common thread linking all of the above? Common sense would say “yes.” I also ask the Lincoln School Board, “What are you thinking, letting the students set their own dress code?” On both levels, I would say, “The kids are in charge!” That is not good. Oh! Another question came to mind. Where will the dress code and or style go from here. Eek! That’s scary. Nancy Moose, Lincoln