Why didn’t board manage it?

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Regarding the closure of Lincoln Arts and Culture Foundation, it is astonishing that executive director (Claudia Renati) and her “puppet board” have the audacity to arbitrarily close this organization that has been part of our community for over 24 years. Money has been an issue, more specifically employee salaries. Rather than resign and allow the board to appoint an interim director on a volunteer basis, Renati says the board decided to close it down. As far as Feats of Clay, they wanted to “… retire it with its integrity intact and to protect the integrity of the artists and patrons who purchased art at the Feats of Clay …” The only integrity at question is (Renati’s) and the board. This is a nonprofit 501C3 mutual benefit corporation that should be managed by the board of directors and cater to the paid members, community and the many contributors. For the last five years, the executive director, staff and board have burned through over $251,000 from the foundation’s house sale. This money was to have been a “reserve” fund, not an “operating” fund. They were told in 2010 that they would be out of funds within two to three years at their burn rate. Why wasn’t a “contingency plan” put into effect then to protect the organization? Why did the executive director and board refuse to have an audit done when their credibility to their many donors and contributors was questioned? These issues only alienated them further from former members like myself who refuse to adhere to their “strong arm” tactics. I hope the many legal questions will be answered and reviewed, i.e. who retains all the records? Who has the computer data and equipment? Have the tax returns been filed and reviewed? I implore all Lincoln Arts paid members not to be swayed by the suggestion that this is the only way it can be resolved. Please vote no on any request to dissolve the organization. Then, terminate the board and allow current members to appoint a new interim board. It is time to take back your organization now. Mike Daley, Lincoln