Why are trucks still downtown?

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Once again, I take keyboard in hand to comment on the intelligence of our city and state leaders. Those folks, in their infinite but narrow wisdom, years ago accepted the idea that the traffic in the downtown area was going to become an increasing challenge. To that end, our talented but shortsighted transportation planners proposed, designed and got financing for a “by-pass” to alleviate the traffic and relieve the downtown of heavy burdens. I refer to the article published days ago wherein the subject was the continuing use of main street by the Sierra Pacific logging trucks as well as the trucks from McBean. No one planned for an interchange for those trucks. The very same trucks that utilize the roadway now will still be there when the bypass is opened. What creative genius came up with that design? State of California Department of Transportation and accepted by our council. Elect them again, boys and girls; they’ll be the death of Lincoln yet. Jonathan Houk, Lincoln