Who's who - A portrait of a person who is part of your community

By: Brandon Darnell, News Messenger Reporter
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Name: Pam Lopez Occupation: Co-owner of Mr. Pickle’s Sandwich Shop (on the corner of Third and G streets) Age: 41 Family: Husband Phil, daughters Ashley Doyle and Kaly Lopez, son Ryan and son-in-law James Doyle City of residence: Lincoln How would you describe yourself? “I’m a positive thinker. I just like to think of the glass as being not half-empty, but half-full.” How did you and your husband become involved with Mr. Pickle’s? “We were eating at them a lot, and we were looking for a business opportunity we could do in the community. We started talking to the franchise owner and one thing led to another. There wasn’t one in Lincoln so we said we would put one here, and they decided it was feasible.” How long have you been in business here? “We opened Aug. 18, 2007, so almost two years. It just flew.” How has business been? “We have done really well. We have the best customers. They’re very loyal, even with the economy and everything. We’ve met so many nice people doing this, and we have a lot of regulars.” What is your favorite sandwich? “Really, the reason we have this store is the number seven – the Hot T. I’ve tried them all, but the Hot T is my favorite.” What’s your favorite type of food in general? “Mexican food is probably my favorite.” What are some of your hobbies? “I like to snow ski and scuba dive. The best place I’ve ever been (scuba diving) is Little Cayman in the Caribbean. The reef and everything there is protected. I also like photography. I’m always the one to take family pictures.” When did you take up scuba diving? “We learned to scuba dive when we were 40. I think you should learn something new every year. You should do something you’ve never done.” What is your goal for next year? “Our focus is this store. We want it to continue to be an extension of our house and continue to grow and participate in the community.” What is something someone would be surprised to know about you? “Everyone would probably be surprised to know that we’ve been married for almost 25 years. Also, I caught an 11.07-pound bass one time on Clearlake. I grew up with fishing and bass tournaments, and I’m really interested in that sport.”