Who's who: A portrait of a person who is part of your community

By: Brandon Darnell, News Messenger Reporter
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Name: Raina Desha Occupation: Student at Glen Edwards Middle School Age: 14 Family: Mom Tania, dad Kirby and sister Sabrina, 8 City of residence: Lincoln You just returned from your eighth-grade trip to Washington, D.C. What did you do while you were there? “We went to a lot of museums. We traveled through the entire city, visited the Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, and everything else. We went up in the Washington Monument, too. It was crazy. You could see everything from up there, and all the statues are so big. We also saw a Broadway show called Wicked, which is the back story for the Wizard of Oz, about the good witch Glenda and the Wicked Witch of the West.” What was your favorite part? “Going into the Capitol and having a tour to discuss the history and how it all started.” Is history one of your favorite subjects? “I definitely like learning about history and other countries. I like reading about them and how they started.” Have you ever been to another country? “No, but my grandparents travel a lot and they just got back from Peru, so they told me a lot about the history of that country. I want to go there, and I definitely want to go to India. I love their culture and food.” Do you have any other favorite subjects? “Math. I got really into geometry this year. I’m determined to get into high school, graduate and get into a good college.” You were just honored with a school-wide award. What was it? “Athlete of the year. I also won it last year, and they give them to boys and girls.” What sports do you play? “Volleyball and basketball, and I threw shot-put in track.” Which is your favorite? “Basketball. I play forward and guard. We did way better than last year. We won five out of 12. Last year we only won two games. One was a forfeit, and the other was against Twelve Bridges (Middle School).” Do you plan on playing in high school? “I definitely want to play in high school. I’ve been playing since I was eight.” What is something people might be surprised to know about you? “When I’m playing any kind of sport, I’m focused on that. Same thing with school. When I’m doing sports or schoolwork, I’m not social at all. I don’t even hear anything else.” Now that summer is here, what do you plan on doing in your spare time? “Reading and listening to all kinds of music. My dad is teaching me bass guitar, and I’m fiddling around with the piano.”