Who's who - A portrait of a person who is part of your community

By: Brandon Darnell, News Messenger Reporter
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Name: Vic Freeman Age: 75 Occupation: Retired real estate developer and broker Family: Wife Mary Lou, two sons and two daughters City of residence: Lincoln How would you describe yourself? “I’m an outgoing, friendly, sociable type of guy. I like to think of myself as a practical joker, and I’m a positive person.” What made you choose to move to Lincoln? “We were living in Benicia, and we started looking for a place to go to retire. We looked at a number of adult communities throughout the state. We heard of Del Webb in Roseville, but they were about sold out. They told us of a new development in Lincoln and we moved in October of 1999.” What is it you like about Lincoln? “I like the friendly atmosphere. It has a small-town feel to it, it’s easy to get around by walking or riding a bike and it’s close to the mountains and major metropolitan areas. The facilities in Lincoln Hills are excellent. It feels like being in a country club.” You are visible in the community. What are some of your involvements? “I’m currently on my second year on the Planning Commission. I’m the vice chair. I spent five years on the board for Parks and Recreation, I’m on the board of the Rotary Foundation, I’m on the board of the Lighthouse (family resource and counseling center) and I was one of the founders of the Lincoln Hills Foundation. I was also on the board of directors for the Lincoln Hills Homeowners’ Association for four and a half years, and I was on the General Plan committee (for the city of Lincoln).” What are some of your hobbies? “I like biking and going to meetings, it seems. I have meetings for my meetings. I like baseball, football, basketball…all the major sports. In high school, I was on track and cross country.” You also like to travel. Where does that stem from? “I was born in China, so I started out traveling across the ocean when I was four years old. In college, I was in the Army ROTC and drove cross-country to training in Virginia. By car, I’ve been to about 46 of the 50 states.” Do you have a favorite place? “Yosemite is pretty tough to beat. I saw spectacular scenery two years ago in Machu Piccu (Peru). I’ve been to the Rhine River, England, Scotland, Ireland, all around the Mediterranean and I spent a month in the Soviet Union in 1989, so I guess I’ve been all over.” What is something someone would be surprised to know about you? “I speak Russian. I spoke that at home with my mother and my grandmother. My grandmother fled Russia during the Revolution (of 1917). Chinese was my first language, but I lost that one. I became a U.S. citizen in college when I was 20 years old.” What is your philosophy on life? “The main thing is you get out what you put in. No matter where you are, you’ve got to get involved.”