Who gets pay increases in this economy? Ask City Council

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This is in regard to the matter of Lincoln Police and Fire Mid-Management Supervisory Bargaining Unit. 

I just wonder why (Lincoln Councilman) Gabriel Hydrick was the lone dissenting vote (Nov. 15 News Messenger front page, “Public safety package approved”). 

The bargaining unit negotiated what they thought was their best shot.  When the other units starting mediating, the negotiator representing the city of Lincoln should have followed that example to negotiate the other four bargaining units but he didn’t.  He did a very poor job of representing the city and the council should never have caved into those demands, they should have sent the negotiator back to the table. 

But they voted yes!  With the lone vote of no coming from Gabriel Hydrick!  Did the council even figure out where this money would come from?? 

The mid-management supervisor unit understood the city didn’t have the money but since the other four units got it, they figured, well we should get it too. Sounds like sibling revelry to me.  And they did get it.  That is a 4.95 percent pay increase.  Who gets pay increases in this economy?  I guess the answer is the city of Lincoln!  Council, it is your job to say no.  Please join Gabriel Hydrick in watching out for our money!

Lena Labosky, Lincoln