Who’s Who in Lincoln

A portrait of a person who is part of your community
By: Cheri March
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Name: Bob Hamer Age: 76 Organization: Knights of Columbus Council 9202 Occupation: Retired Residence: Sun City Lincoln Hills Family: Wife, Bobbi, six children and 11 grandchildren How long have you been a fireworks booth volunteer? “I think it’s been 12 or 13 years.” For what organization are you raising money? “The Knights of Columbus, a Catholic men’s charitable organization. We have 160 members in our council. One of our most obvious projects is the scholarships. We give $1,000 scholarships to two kids. In the weeks before Thanksgiving, we also provide a free turkey dinner for anyone in town. The wives of the Knights cook up turkeys and we wind up feeding typically around 200 people. We also have Christmas and Easter parties for kids, and we support St. Joseph’s Church, which opened last year.” Have you tested out any of the fireworks? “No, they come certified.” Do you have a favorite? “We have one box – the Big Bang – for $499. If you buy that one, we’ll give you a 20 percent discount.” Do you ever set off fireworks, maybe with the grandkids? “No, because I usually don’t get to see them. Two (grandchildren) are in Alaska, four are in New Jersey, there are two young ones in Redwood City and three in the Bay Area.’ Do you think the fire danger is changing customers’ plans? “We’re giving a notice from the governor out to everybody. He left it up to citizens (to decide whether to use fireworks). Basically, there are only a couple cities in this area – four in Placer County, I think – that are allowed to sell fireworks. The governor wanted everyone to kind of lay off. Rockets go up in the air and you don’t know where they’re going to come down. We’re telling people to be careful, have a hose available and a bucket of water. After the fireworks go off, put them in the water to make sure no embers are left.” Does your family have a Fourth of July tradition? “We get together and have hot dogs and hamburgers. If you have a swimming pool, obviously that’s a nice thing to do, too.” What does Independence Day mean to you? “Well, when I was working it meant a holiday (laughs). But now that I’m retired, every day is a holiday.” How long have you lived in Lincoln? “We’ve been here since 2001.” If you could change anything about the community, what would it be? “I would like to see the rest of the community have the liberties we have in Lincoln Hills. We have a physical fitness center, five pools, we can drive around town in a golf cart. I’d really like to see a trail from where I live to Safeway and Lowe’s so we can shop in a golf cart.”