Who’s Who in Lincoln

A portrait of a person who is part of your community
By: Cheri March
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Names: Scott Goucher and Marty Occupation: Goucher is a Lincoln police officer and Marty is his new K9 partner Residence: Both live outside of Lincoln What kind of dog is Marty? “He’s a 4-year-old Belgian Malinois imported from the Netherlands. All his commands are in Dutch.” What makes a Malinois different than a German shepherd? “The Malinois is supposed to be a little more driven. But really, they’re not a whole lot different than a shepherd. The only reason we picked Marty was that he tested the best out of the dogs we looked at.” What’s it like working with a K9? “You always have somebody with you – a backup officer. Officers rely on dogs because of their sense of smell.” Is he done with training? “We have to re-certify him. We’ll train him in building and vehicle searches, to track suspects hiding in fields, apprehend a fleeing suspect and to find narcotics. Mostly, he’s trained to make the officers’ jobs easier.” What’s the most challenging thing about working with a K9? “It’s like having a kid. Your whole life revolves around doing work with the dog, even on your time off. You can’t just leave him in your backyard. There’s liability – he’s a $10,000 dog. It’s a lot of responsibility, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just takes a certain type of person willing to commit, but it’s worthwhile.” What’s the best part about having a K9? “To me, it’s about knowing you have a tool to assist patrol. If somebody runs, you know you’ll be able to show up and make things a lot easier. You know the officers will be safe. (Marty) is put in danger instead of the officers. He makes patrol easier.” What does he do when he’s not working? “He hangs out in the backyard and relaxes. He’s got a nice cedar doghouse – he’s got it made.” How long have you been with department? “I’ve been here for more than a year. I worked for three and a half years with a K9 and four years as a detective at a prior agency.” Why did you move to the Lincoln department? “It’s a growing department. It sounded like it would be a move in the right direction. I had achieved a lot of things where I was before – like having a K9 – that I wouldn’t have been able to do again. The opportunities had gotten slim.” Has Marty met Whisk, the department’s other K9? “They haven’t met yet, but they will in training. Right now, (the K9s) are working opposite days, so we’ll have seven-day coverage.” Does Marty have a favorite treat or toy? “Like I said, I’ve only had him a week, so we’re still getting to know each other. But he’s on a raw meat diet. He’s got a ball with a rope on it. If you give him a toy, he’ll just tear it up. He likes to play tug-of-war.”