Who’s Who in Lincoln

A portrait of a person who is part of your community
By: Staff report
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Name: Russ Edmondson Occupation: Sports editor of The Lincoln News Messenger and The Placer Herald Residence: Carmichael Family: Parents in Woodland, brother Jess in Mexico How long have you practiced journalism? I started in high school as the sports editor of The Orange Peel in Woodland. I worked on the State Hornet newspaper at Sacramento State for more than two years before earning my journalism degree in 2002. While in college, I interned for the West Sacramento Press covering the Sacramento River Cats in 2000 and I also freelanced for what used to be the Neighbors section of The Sacramento Bee doing sports profiles. I started with The Placer Herald and The Lincoln News Messenger right after graduating from college. How did you end up focusing on sports? I love writing and I love sports so it seemed appropriate to combine the two. I really found my passion for writing in sixth grade. I had a teacher who realized I enjoyed it and thought I had a knack for it, so she really pushed me at it. And the more I wrote the more I found out I enjoyed it. And sports is something that I have always loved, playing basketball, baseball and soccer growing up. My dad and I would fight to get to the sports page first every weekend morning. What do you like best about your job? I get to meet and talk to lots of different people all the time and tell the stories of countless games. I enjoy telling somebody's story “ making it come to life in print. How would you describe yourself? I always make an effort to see the bright side in things and I am a positive person. How do you spend your spare time? I love playing basketball and golf and going to concerts. I root for the Giants, Kings and 49ers and go to games when I can. I have lots of friends in the area and it seems that there is never a shortage of things to do. Also being around the water always makes for a great day, as well as does hanging out with the family. Where were you born? How did you end up in this area? I was born in Blythe, which is in the middle of the desert in southeast California. I remember one day it was 129 degrees! Crazy hot in Blythe. If I wasn't at school or at a restaurant or something like that, I never wore shoes or a shirt. But then, I suspect partly because my dad didn't want my brother or I to become a Dodgers or Rams fan, we moved to Northern California when I was 7 in 1986. We ended up in Woodland and I have been in this general area ever since. Do you have a favorite TV show? The sitcoms I like are no longer on the air “ especially Seinfeld and King of Queens. The Sopranos was great too. My TV is tuned to sports most of the time. What's something people might be surprised to find out about you? I was a janitor for one semester in college. It was at the same health club in Woodland that I was summer camp counselor and I needed a job so they gave me one. I found out that being the maintenance guy paid more than working the front desk so I said ˜why not?' The parents of the kids that I worked with over the summer were always surprised to see me mopping or checking to see if the sauna was at the correct temperature. I ended up breaking two vacuums, broke up a fight in the men's locker room and cleaned up glass after cars were broken into in the parking lot. I also found out which employees did all their family laundry at the club after hours and that getting the cover to fit neatly over a huge pool by yourself is much harder than it looks. Especially in the pouring rain.