Who’s Who in Lincoln

A portrait of a person who is part of your community
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Name: Vic Freeman Age: 74 Occupation: Retired real estate developer Residence: Sun City Lincoln Hills Family: Mary Lou, his wife of 48 years, and their two sons, two daughters and three grandchildren Why did you join the Lincoln Planning Commission? “I’ve always been involved with land use, being in the building business. (My) company was a partner in developing a subdivision the size of Lincoln Hills, with 3,000 people. I applied for the planning commission when an opening was announced, and I’ve been on it since. I also spent several years on the parks and recreation committee.” What motivates your advocacy for bike trails in Lincoln? “I’ve run all my life, since I ran track and cross-country in high school. But I had a knee and hip replacement, which is not that conducive to running, so I took up biking because it’s low-impact. From April 24 to June 25, I logged twice as many miles on my bike as did on my car – I think I put 240 on the car and 620 on the bike.” What benefit do you believe trails provide? “Number one, it’s good exercise. Number two, when you’re on a bike, you can see things much better than in a car. You notice a lot more detail. You can pull over and look at something. Number three, there are so many nice places to ride around here, at Twelve Bridges and Lincoln Hills. Going north and east of town up into the foothills, there are a lot of little ranches with goats, llamas and other livestock. I feel like I’m really out in the country when I’m only a few miles from town.” What’s your favorite place to ride? “Of the public ones, I like one on Twelve Bridges behind the grammar school. You can go back through the oak trees and come out on that big open wide space heading towards the junior high school.” What would you like to see happen in Lincoln’s future? “I was also on the general plan update committee. We worked for about three years – it seemed like forever – and we finally got the plan approved. Just implementing the elements in that general plan will make it a real livable, pedestrian-friendly community.” What are your hobbies? “I guess I’m a joiner, because I belong to a lot of organizations, like Rotary. You can say my hobby is going to meetings.” What might people be surprised to find out about you? “I’m an immigrant. I was born in Tientsin, China. My family was Russian and came to China after the revolution. We came to San Francisco in 1937 because Japan was invading China – we got out just in the nick of time. When we landed, I spoke Chinese and Russian. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten the Mandarin. I still speak Russian, but it’s a little rusty.” How would you describe yourself? “I’m shy and introverted. Really, I am. I had to overcome that as a kid. I was a fat kid – my nickname was Tubby. I got into a lot of fights and, after I won them all, they didn’t bother me much after that. As a person, I’m people-oriented. People tease me because I love to talk. I was fortunate enough to have parents who instilled a positive attitude in me.” You always seem to be at City Council meetings – have you ever missed one? “Yes, when we’ve traveled out of town. But that’s about the only time. Last year, Councilmember Linda Stackpoole (put a sign) that said ‘The Three Stooges’ where I sit with Jeff Greenberg and Mickey Haggard, who is the ‘Father of Our Library.’ That’s why I always refer to myself as Vic ‘Moe’ Freeman.”