When committee is wrong, we admit it

Fiscal sustainability committee column
By: Michele Hutchinson Special to News Messenger
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Last week’s column (Jan. 19 News Messenger, page A8, “The truth and nothing but the truth – what about our park?), addressing a question regarding parks funding in Lincoln included figures that brought forth lots of inquiries from our community. We have investigated further and have discovered that the detail provided to us included much more than just the park issue. Which makes the article we submitted last week wrong. We will provide a detailed accounting, which answers the question of the parks within Lincoln Crossing in our column next week. Please bear with us and give us the time to provide our community with this thorough analysis. I, personally, as well as speaking for the rest of committee, am very sorry for the confusion and misunderstanding this article has created within our community. Michele Hutchinson is a member of the Fiscal Sustainability Committee. This column may or may not necessarily express the opinions of The Lincoln News Messenger.