Whatever happened to respecting animals?

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alked into a newer establishment in old town Lincoln “ Kim's Country Kitchen. This building used to house a very nice, respectable deli, but much to our surprise, it now appears to be a slaughterhouse for animals. Poor deer, and God knows what other animals, are protruding from every wall. It appears that Kim now owns this restaurant, and she has chosen to ornament this place with carcasses that prove she or someone in her family has a special knack for taking their mega-guns out into nature and slaughtering poor, defenseless animals. Then, they have chosen to hang their morose, weeping skulls on the wall for the patrons' enjoyment. Not only is it disgusting to think about eating in this slaughterhouse with poor, dead animals staring at you, but it is very disrespectful to animals. This place is offensive, tasteless and very depressing. I will not spend my hard-earned money to support this slaughterer of nature. I hope the next owner who takes over this restaurant is respectful of nature; this one is certain to be closed soon. Bonnie Caps, Lincoln