What One Film Crew Thought of Lincoln

By: Stephanie Dumm News Messenger Reporter
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Lincoln will have a moment in the spotlight Monday when Brian Furrer appears on the “Rachael Ray Show.” The crew that filmed 10-year-old Brian for his appearance on the national TV show was a group of three from the Bay Area. What did they think of Lincoln? “I went to Chico State so I know Lincoln,” said freelance photographer Greg Freeman. “It’s changed tremendously and grown leaps and bounds.” Freelance sound-mixer Richard Beare said he liked Lincoln, because “it’s wholesome” and Jonas Tichenor, freelance field producer for Thursday’s shoot, likened the town to a Norman Rockwell painting. “From what I’ve seen, it’s sort of like a throwback town from a different era,” Tichenor said. While the crew was in town, they had lunch at Simple Pleasures, at the suggestion of The News Messenger photographer. “The steak sandwich, that’s my favorite part about Lincoln, and the potato salad was to die for,” Beare said, adding that he liked Lincoln “because it’s nice and clean.” When asked what made this assignment different from other stories they have covered, Freeman said “a lot” of what he sees covered in the news about teens is about them being in “trouble or distress” so it was “nice to be involved with the ‘Rachael Ray Show,’ which covers positive things.” He also said that Brian is a “great role model for young people.” “It’s neat covering a story of some kid that’s giving,” Beare said. “He’s a special kid.” The field producer said the story is special because “we don’t often do stories about a 10-year-old who volunteers his time like this.” “It’s not common to see the general public volunteering their time to this degree,” Tichenor added.