West Nile Virus still a threat in Western Placer County

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Eight additional mosquito samples in western Placer County have tested positive for West Nile virus in the past week, according to the Placer Mosquito and Vector Control District. A majority of the positive samples were collected from mosquito traps located in the Lincoln area. “The high temperatures we have been experiencing not only make it easier for West Nile virus to replicate in birds and mosquitoes but also result in more mosquitoes,” said Joel Buettner, general manager of the Placer Mosquito and Vector Control District. Western Placer County will see an increase in mosquito activity, according to Buettner. In addition to the West Nile virus vector mosquitoes seen all summer, Buettner said, the Anopheles mosquitoes are increasing in number as well. These mosquitoes may be aggressive but are not known vectors for West Nile virus. With warm temperatures still in the forecast, the district urges residents to implement prevention strategies, such as using an effective repellent, that will decrease the risk of mosquito bites. “While the district continues its West Nile virus surveillance and mosquito control efforts, personal protection is still key at times like these,” Buettner said. For more information on the different mosquito species in Placer County, contact the Placer Mosquito and Vector Control District at (888) 768-2343 or visit