Well-done second annual Italian Festival downtown Saturday

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We have just returned from attending the Italian Festival (on Saturday) - Molto Bene! All the ingredients for a successful event - delicious food and drink, cake on a stick by Stephanie Dumm, music, car show and assorted vendors. We needed something to get over the embarrassment of watching the news last evening and seeing our town portrayed in a less than flattering way and wondering who is minding the town? Buffoons? Oh well, today was great - we ventured into the Lincoln Archives and Women’s Institute where we were warmly greeted and treated to the history of both and we admired the beauty of the Carnegie as we sat in front listening to the local band while we ate our gelato. Thanks to Jeff Greenberg for coordinating and thanks to all the volunteers who made the day so special. We do have a great town, and if we can get our officials to show some leadership, we can be a destination as well as an example of a community who did not see failure as an option. Ciao and Molte Grazie, Nina Mazzo, Lincoln