We need to start trading to help our economy

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I’ll just say it; we are in trouble. Our economy is in such a horrific state that financial experts do not see an end in the foreseeable future. Unemployment rates are still climbing, millions are forced to rely on food stamps and hard-working Americans are coming to the cold realization that they cannot provide for their families. There is no money anymore. We continue to struggle forward but perhaps what we need is the opposite of progression. Today, our money is based largely on gold; years ago, it was based on trade. We need to turn back and start trading within our community for necessary goods and services instead of going to the supermarket or repairman. Consider this: Let’s say that you are a carpenter and your work truck has broken down. More likely than not, you have a mechanic living within a mile or two of your house. It’s simple; fix his leaky roof or the broken chair at his table in exchange for vehicle repairs. There are so many opportunities for each of us to help our neighbors while still making a profitable gain. The concept of trading with each other, or basing our dollars on trade, is no new thing. I believe that it is the answer to our tight budget. Cody Newman, Lincoln