We need locally elected officials to be in charge

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(Placer County Supervisor) Kirk Uhler’s column, “Enough red tape to stripe California’s highways” (April 12 Lincoln News Messenger, page A5), was just one more example of how the state Environmental Protection Agency is choking Californians to death. I bet many Californians do not even know about CARB, a division of the EPA, whose regulations have a tremendous impact on their daily lives. The name alone ... California Air Resources Board ... is ludicrous. Air Resources? Very soon, adding another lane on the bridge connecting I-80 to Highway 65 may not even be needed, because new regulations of the EPA, through CARB, will be putting many truckers and trucking companies out of business. Trucks weighing 14,000 pounds and up will not be allowed to operate in California unless they are qualified and are able to install prohibitively expensive smog upgrades. This will substantially increase the costs for the transportation of our goods and services ... groceries, clothes, household goods, appliances … everything we need and use in our everyday lives. I am completely outraged when I think about the fact that not one of the people working at the EPA and CARB, who are paid by us taxpayers, is elected by us taxpayers! We are paying these people who are laying down regulations that are killing us! Uhler is right. We need locally elected officials, not a bureaucracy issuing regulations that are out of touch with reality, to be in charge of meeting our needs. Barbara T. Alexander, Lincoln