Wanting better government is civic participation

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Ms. Dorsey took me to task for my lack of outrage over the fiscal sustainability committee’s error at the Jan. 24 council meeting (Feb. 2 News Messenger, page A8, “Jeeves thinks downtown customers need parking spaces.”) I acknowledged, during my comments that I was glad to have followed Lee Guth in coming to the microphone because, after he revealed the error, I knew that a correction would be coming. But here’s why I “fawn” over the fiscal sustainability committee and not the council or the city top management: the fiscal sustainability committee is doing what the council and the top management should have done years ago. The fiscal sustainability committee is on a fiscal transparency mission the council has repeatedly balked at. I never came to Lincoln looking for a fight. I came for a quality neighborhood with completed parks and schools; not vacant lots, no plans for financing completion and no admission of error in either planning or execution. The more I learned about our city’s finances – like its failure to close its books from 2006 – 2008 (what organization doesn’t close its books annually?) and the inter-fund loans that even the city’s accountant has raised questions about – the more of an activist I became. Wanting better city government is not an “old score;” it’s civic participation. Instead of running your mouth, Ms. Dorsey, try running a City Council campaign, like I did. Give up your evenings and weekends for 10 months to change the city for better. Out of that campaign came the fiscal sustainability committee. I was wrong in heckling Mayor Short and will apologize at the next council meeting. Terrie L. Robinson, Lincoln