Walker retires early from rec department

By: Stephanie Dumm News Messenger Reporter
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Lincoln’s Assistant Director of Recreation Mandy Walker will take the Golden Handshake and retire early. That’s according to both City Manager Jim Estep and Walker. She said her last day on the job was Friday. The handshake is an early retirement option provided by the California Public Employee Retirement System, according to Estep. Walker’s gross earnings last year were $93,000, according to Estep. Estep did not have information regarding her benefits, he said, “due to the city’s human resources employee being out sick for the day, which is the person who would provide that information.” Estep said Tuesday that Walker’s position will not be filled “over the next couple of months.” “It depends on the budget. We had planned if Measure K doesn’t pass that we’d be making reductions in recreation,” Estep said. That is dependent on decisions made by City Council, Estep said. The News Messenger asked Estep if money saved from Walker retiring would be used to save a police officer. “That will depend on what the council decides to do but there is certainly a savings there,” Estep said. “I’ll get direction from the City Council on where they want to spend all of the General Fund money next year.” Walker spoke with The News Messenger Wednesday. “The timing of it all is just perfect for me and it was my choice,” Walker said. “I’ve put in 21 years with the city and I still love what I do.” Walker said she “will be helping the General Fund by retiring early” and will volunteer to help the recreation department assemble its budget. “Right now, it’s really important. My role in the recreation department was to put together the entire budget with the staff’s help,” Walker said. “In the transition, it really is the best situation right now to volunteer.”