Wake up, City Council, to our safety needs

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Is fewer police really the answer to our budget problems? All I know is that, at this rate, it is costing me more out of pocket than my fixed income can afford! In the past month, I have had a car charger stolen from beneath the hood of my car, the weather cover for my car stolen, cigarettes and lighter taken from my front porch; and last night, the antennae from my Jeep! All these incidents occurred between 2:30 a.m. and 7 a.m. It may sound amusing to some. Those of you who have been affected more sorely from lack of adequate police patrol may feel indifferent. But maybe you are just as outraged as I that the City Council and city manager are so quick to authorize public-safety budget cuts before cuts to departments that will not increase harm to public safety. I moved to the city of Lincoln because it was named a 2006 winner of the coveted All-America Cities Award given by the National Civic League, because of the friendly environment, its proximity to things I like to do, and most important, its safety record and public services. It is a sad commentary on our city that I had to place bars on my doors, locks on my car’s gas cap, security lights and now purchase video surveillance equipment. Do I need to bring my guns out of storage just to feel safe and protected because our short-staffed police cannot? Wake up City Council! Public safety should be your No. 1 priority! Thomas Jones, Lincoln