Voters have a choice in Jack Uppal

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A reader recently wrote she was supporting (Congressman) Tom McClintock after reviewing his record. I, too, have examined McClintock’s record but find he does not represent my views or principles. He voted against equal pay; he supports subsidizing oil companies; he voted against funding to keep police, fire and teachers on the job; he voted against victims of rape/incest being able to make their own choice to end an unwanted pregnancy; he has pledged allegiance to Grover Norquist to not ever consider the need to increase revenue but only supports spending cuts; he voted to increase interest rates on student loans; he supports a voucher system to replace Medicare for those 55 and younger while also voting to roll back additional benefits enjoyed by current Medicare patients. These are some of my concerns with McClintock’s record. But I have a choice —Jack Uppal, a moderate Democrat, whose views and principles more closely represent mine. I do not propose to tell people how to vote - that is an individual choice. But I would encourage everyone in our district to examine the positions and principles of both these candidates and make a choice based on principles, not party. June Paquette, Lincoln The source for this letter is Project Vote Smart ( The writer is referencing voting record for HR 6079, HR2 (among others), HCon. Res. 34, HR 4628, HR 1586, HR 11, HR 12, HR 3803 and Grover Norquist: Americans for Tax Reform website.