Vote yes on utility tax because it will take more than a year for economic stability

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I am reading and learning all I can about the current economic situation in our city and I must admit I did not comprehend the complexity of the various funds government maintains for various areas – i.e. compensation, executive salaries, employee benefits, etc. As a retired business owner, we simply lived within our budget and marketed our products and services as a means of growing our business. I believe that our city must do the same. I am proud to live in Lincoln and want it to be a destination as well as maintain its unique character. I also believe we must address our current situation by voting yes on the utility tax as it will take more than a year to return economic stability. We also should not lose sight of planning for Lincoln’s future and so I also plan on voting for Richard Pearl as I believe he has the background and genuine interest in working to restore our economy; help take Lincoln forward in growth while working to restore our confidence in city management Nina Mazzo, Lincoln